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Cesvot issues four publications meant for voluntary associations:
Quaderni – a periodical dealing with subjects of technical, cultural, operational, scien¬tific interest and collecting documents, thoughts and research useful to the third sector. You can order these publications on line.
Briciole – a periodical devoted to the proceedings of conferences and training schemes promoted by the voluntary associations of Tuscany with Cesvot's support.
Plurali on line – an on-line monthly magazine edited by Cesvot. An insight periodical where you can find statistics, pictures of social phenomena, summaries of the activities of the Tuscan voluntary organisations, and experts' opinions. As of May 2010 the on-line version of ‘Plurali' will replace the monthly edited by Cesvot ‘Plurali', a supplement of the weekly ‘Aut&Aut' by the ANCI Regional Association.
Cesvot News – an information newsletter that lists the fiscal deadlines that have to be met by associations, and the financial opportunities proposed by local authorities and associations in favour of the voluntary sector.
Research - Each year Cesvot carries out research on topics of strategic interest for Tuscan voluntary organisations and disseminates its results. Research articles from 1999 onwards have been published in the periodical "I Quaderni". The results of all the researches are classified and can be consulted on line.

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