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"" Articles of association (first two articles)

Art. 1 – Establishment
1. An association is hereby established under the name of Ce.S.Vo.T. (Centro Servizi Volontariato Toscana), having its legal office in Florence.
2. Ce.S.Vo.T. is a non-profit association inspired by the principles of solidarity and democracy and has the purpose of carrying out, directly or through third parties, any activity promoting, supporting and developing voluntary organisations in Tuscany.
3. In order to operate, Ce.S.Vo.T. promotes, by using it, the voluntary engagement of associations that are its members, as well as that of individuals; it complies with law 266/91 as well as with the M.D. 8/10/97 and with any further amendments.
Art. 2 – Aims and activities
1. Ce.S.Vo.T. guarantees equal conditions for access of all the users to the initiatives and services carried out, without any discrimination.
2. In particular, Ce.S.Vo.T., in compliance with the articles of associations, will be able to:
a. Promote tools and initiatives to encourage the growth of a solidarity culture, aiming at the implementation of national and international initiatives and fostering forms of participation and active citizenship by the organisations and individuals;
b. Offer assistance and consultancy in planning, starting up and implementation of specific activities;
c. Provide advice and implement initiatives in the legal and fiscal fields; support and implement initiatives for training and qualification of the voluntary service;
d. Carry out studies and research;
e. Offer information, news, data and documentation on the activities and organisations of the voluntary sector and the third sector at the national and local level;
f. Provide services to local authorities and public institutions by entering special agreements.
g. Link voluntary organisations, public and private training structures, economic operators, and the media;
h. Carry out any other activity that can be needed for the implementation of the statutory aims.
3. Ce.S.Vo.T.'s services can be delivered free of charge and/or by entering special agreements.
4. In order to achieve the statutory aims, Ce.S.Vo.T. can procure all useful and suitable structures or tools. It can also enter agreements and collaborative relationships with Voluntary Service Centres, institutions, authorities, associations, movements, foundations, enterprises. See the complete Articles of Association.

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