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"" Organisation Chart

Organisation of the Service Centre both from an institutional and operational point of view.

Institutional Structure
Members' Assembly
The Members' Assembly, made up of 26 regional associations, is Cesvot's sovereign body. The assembly establishes Cesvot's mission and the strategic policies that have to be followed by all the lower bodies, both political and operational ones. The Assembly is also composed of 11 presidents of the territorial delegations, a member of the Managing Committee and a representative of the Local Tuscan Bodies (with an advisory vote).
Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is the managing body of Cesvot and is elected by the Assembly among its components. The Committee is composed of 15 members. These, in compliance with the statute, include a representative of the Managing Committee and a representative of the territorial delegations; the President of the Auditors and the Director are also part of it but without the right to vote.
The Presidency is made up of the President and two Vice Presidents, one of whom is a deputy. The President is Cesvot's legal representative and has the highest political and operational responsibility of the Service Centre. As such, he is accountable for the actions of the Service Centre in civil and criminal cases, to the extent established by the law in force. The President and his Vice Presidents are elected by the Assembly, just like the Steering Committee, which they are members of.
Board of Auditors
The Board of Auditors is Cesvot's administrative control body. It offers opinions on matters of legitimacy in cases of administrative and patrimonial nature; it supervises the administrative trends of Cesvot, the regular keeping of accounts, and the respondence of the balance sheets with accounts.
The Board of Guarantors
The Board of Guarantors is the body providing the statutory guarantee, complying with the regulations and internal jurisdiction. It interprets the statutory and regulatory norms and gives opinions on their correct enforcement; it settles the disputes arising among members, between the latter and the governing bodies, and among the association bodies.
Commission of Regional Projects - CPR
This commission evaluates the training projects of the regional voluntary associations, presented in accordance with the relevant Call for Tenders; it supervises the work of the Project Commissions that in the delegations prepare the projects of local associations.
It is a commission formed by seven members, four who are from the Steering Committee, one who is a president of a territorial delegation, one who is a representative of the Local Authorities, and one external expert. At the end of its work the Commission formulates motivated proposals to the Steering Committee for the funding of projects that are deemed to be worthwhile.
Commission of Innovation Processes
This commission evaluates projects of social intervention presented by voluntary associations in accordance with the relevant Call for Tender. It is a mixed commission, formed by nine members, two who are from the Steering Committee, three representatives from the Managing Committee, a representative of the Local Authorities, a representative of the Tuscan Regional Government, and two external experts. At the end of its work the Commission formulates motivated proposals to the Steering Committee for the funding of projects that are deemed to be worthwhile.
Commission of Users Auditors
This commission has the task of verifying that the requirements of Law 266/91 are met as far as the user-associations are concerned, so as to ensure that the services delivered by Cesvot are exclusively addressed to voluntary associations. It is composed of two members from the Steering Committee and one from the Assembly.
Territorial Delegations
Cesvot is present on the territory with ten provincial and district delegations. The Delegation is a decentralised structure of the Service Centre that has the aim of encouraging the highest level of participation of local voluntary associations in the activities of Cesvot's annual programme, contributing to the definition of policies, aims and implementation strategies.
The participation of voluntary association is carried out via the representative bodies of the Delegation: Assembly, Steering Committee and Presidency.
The Delegations include the “Delegation Project Commission”, with the task of preparing the training projects of voluntary associations which belong to the Delegation, submitted in accordance with the relevant Call for Tender.
Within the Steering Committee of Cesvot there is a representative from the 11 territorial Delegations.

Operational Structure
Regional Directorate
The operational structure enforces the rulings and indications of the Steering Committee.
Cesvot's operational units are subdivided as follows:
- Training and Planning Sector
- Communication, Promotion and Press Office
- Organisation and Relationships with the Delegations
- Service Monitoring and Evaluation
These sectors are supported by two offices: Accounts and Secretariat. Each sector is run by a Manager, who coordinates the employees and the collaborators assigned to his operational unit.
In the 11 delegations, the Delegation Secretaries guarantee a basic assistance to the local voluntary associations and take care of the delivery of services in their own territory.
The operational structure is coordinated by the Director, helped by a few consultants relevant to the specific topic area: consultancy to voluntary associations, safety in the workplace as per law 626/94, documentation and research.

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