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"" About us

Cesvot – Centro Servizi Volontariato Toscana (Voluntary Service Centre for Tuscany) – is a voluntary association based on the principle of active and responsible citizenship, based on participation and open to the culture of solidarity.
Cesvot has worked since 1997 according to the national relevant regulations and is currently run by 26 voluntary associations at the regional level. It offers services such as training, consultancy, planning assistance, and carries out research and documentation activities, promotion and information on behalf of over 2900 voluntary associations in Tuscany.
Cesvot is present all over the regional territory with 11 territorial delegations.

Our mission and fundamental principles

Cesvot sticks to the fundamental principles established by the Ministerial Decree dated 8/10/97 that regulates the creation of Service Centres in Italy. The aim of Cesvot is therefore that of “supporting and qualifying voluntary activity. For this purpose, it delivers its activities in the form of services for voluntary organisations registered or not in our regional registries” (art. 4 M.D. dated 8th October 1997).

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